Culture and Values in People Management

In line with its mission, the Prado is committed to:

Develop and mobilize skills and talents, providing the existence of cohesive teams and open to change and innovation.

The promotion, dissemination and organization of the culture of sharing is done seamlessly with the new employees, which are based on the following assumptions:

          - Ethics

          - Transparency and Accuracy

          - Results orientation (value creation)

          - Search continuous improvement and excellence

          - Openness to new ideas

          - Openness to change

          - Learning and innovation

          - Environmental Sustainability


What our employees say

There are already so many years of service I can say that the plant is part of my life. It started in my childhood as it was only six years that I came to live with my parents for a house at the company, with my father at the time in charge of personnel. So, since I know that I live surrounded by the industrial environment of a paper mill. Since kid who awakened my interest in machinery and the manufacturing process, and even assisted the entrance to the first boiler steam powered fuel.

However grew up, studied, opting for the industrial progress in the area of electricity and joined the factory with 19 years in 1977 having passed through the electrician functions and head of turn until you reach Manufacturing Chief in 1994, function that performance today.

It was a whole growth process over these 36 years, sharing of knowledge and in which there was a great contribution of managers for my professional and personal development and a taste for new challenges.

They were years of strong investment in the company of great change strategies that are aimed to the development of allied products to a strong focus on quality. Only in this way it was possible, with the commitment of governments and employees, reach the level where we are today.

Today I can say that I am proud to belong to this company, which has seen grow and which also saw me grow, and hope to continue to contribute to achieving the present and future objectives and to put MEADOW name in the four corners of the WORLD.

 João Jorge Marques


I joined the Company still the Prado Paper in 1991, coming from a Dutch bank where I worked for about a decade since I was twenty years emigrated to Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

The transition between the experience and work in a major European capital and the small town of Lousã in the early 90s, it was for me initially a great emotional shock and professional.

However, it was great the evolution of this company over the past two decades and the initial shock period was succeeded by a period of learning new ways of working and new professional and personal challenges. Over the years I highlight the excellent relationship between colleagues, team spirit and mutual support, without which it would certainly be difficult to trace this route. On the other hand developed knowledge not possessed and won the love of the paper area.

It is with great satisfaction that I am part of this team and contribute daily to give continuity and growth to this transnational corporation.

Maria José da Conceição Fernandes Sério

When in early 1987 I joined the then Company Prado paper in Lisbon for Technical and Planning Assistance, the wise words of Mr. Augusto Gois, the one responsible for my training as papermaking technique, made me believe have a future in this company, "Who learns to like and feel the role, never will change this industry for another."

At the beginning of 1993 with the transfer of Commercial and Administrative Services for Tomar, climbed a step in the professional career, taking responsibility of the foreign market. Were hard years of hard work, but allowed me to broaden knowledge horizons and winning a few more markets across borders, as Turkey and Israel.

In February 2005 another change and another rise in career. I joined the Prado-Cartolinas Team Lousã, SA, as Commercial Director.

It is a project full of motivation by contact with customers from all continents, with the full support of all colleagues with your knowledge, dynamics, professionalism and innovative power, make it possible to believe that an already centenary company faces a great future, enduring crises and / or adverse conditions.

Filomena Teixeira


25 years to cooperate in PRADO project

Seizing the opportunity to share my experience and experience for the 25 years of career in PCL, I do so with great pride in the person of one of the company's employees in the area of electrical maintenance.

Admitted in August 1988, the then Prado Paper Company (CPP) and knowing just the excellent public reputation, easily concluded that the reputation of an above average industry derived from a generational project, with a story that always motivated its employees.

It is true that when I joined the CPP had 14 years of labor activity, leaving behind some life events in the search for professional and economic stability. Given this determination, the CPP was the ideal gateway to reach the goals: willingness to learn and a strong determination to meet the demands that any developer is subject.

I remember how easy it was to integrate my youth to this new reality, with the notion that I never felt displaced and much less isolated, finding in teamwork and friendly people ready to cooperate.

In fact, the personal energy when matched never runs out, especially when it streamlines around a common goal, as in this case the project that always identified the Prado.

It seems like yesterday I joined but this however, it's been 25 years, making the company has become an integral part of my life, creating naturally bond of union and affection. I can say that I feel honored to be part of its employees who yearn for the success of both parties.

Now, and in the same physical space but once designated as Prado Cartolinas Lousã (PCL), the strengthening of new technologies, innovation and personal investment, it seems to me to be the big difference of the past, thereby allowing future of this sustainability so that the future does not lose its horizon of confidence, through competitiveness, always with an eye on the environment.

At this stage of life where most of the income falls short of expectations, it must have the wisdom to enhance what we have and what we are, getting sure that the Prado will maintain its success story.

Given this small patch of life that reflects a multitude of nights and days of work, today I had to take the same attitude as the 25 years ago, do it was with the same confidence and determination.

Joaquim Seco