Prado Cartolinas da Lousã, S.A.., continues with Integrate Management Policy, the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of its clients, providing  them the desired products and services, preventing the environment pollution and using fibrous raw materials form well managed forest and conventional sources.

To assure the fulfillment of this policy, Prado Cartolinas da Lousã, S.A hereby pledge to:

• Continuous improvement of its processes, products and services, attending to the expectations of its clients;

• Fulfill the delivery date and all the other conditions accorded with its customers.

• Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of its processes, products and services.

• Valorize and improve the skills of its work force.

• Promote the development health and safety conditions of its employees and goods, as well the policies mentioned in ILO’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

• Promote the development health and safety conditions of the its employees and goods

• Optimize the costs due to the reduction of non conformities of the product and services and the rational use of the natural resources.

• Embrace an active attitude to prevent and minimize the negative environment impact.

• Fulfill the legal requirements and respect the ethical principles of its business and environment preservation.

• Encourage and support its employees, suppliers and other partners for the development of better environment practices.

• Sensitize the fibrous raw materials providers for the compliment of FSC® and PEFC regulatory requirements.

• Maintain the management systems adjusted to its products, activities and services, according the ISO 9001, 14001, PEFC and FSC regulatory requirements.

Approved by
BoD 27/11/2011


Products Certification

Products Certification

 Certificate ISO 9001

Certificate FSC

 Certificate ISO 14001

Certificate PEFC