The Administration Board of “Prado Cartolinas da Lousã SA” orientates its way to work with the following principles: Vision, Mission and Values.


    Prado Cartolinas da Lousa is recognized for the excellency of its products and services


  •  Produce and commercialize carton board with high level of quality, seeking the technologic innovation and environment preservation.

    Create Value for the Share Holders and contribute to the society development.

  •  Create a solid and long term partnership with its clients.

  •  Develop and mobilize skills and talents providing the existence of cohesive teams and open to change and innovation.


  •  Strongly contribute to the sustain success of our clients.

  •  Maintain a strict attitude in our activity.

  •  Preventing the environment pollution.

  •  Continuous development and respect to the human resources, in proactive posture

  •  Sustained added value creation

  •  Ethical posture to the society.